How To Read A Texas Home Inspection Report

January 1, 2018 | Buyer Inspection

One of the challenges every home inspector faces is to translate what they see to a report that makes sense to the person reading the report. The Home Inspection Report is designed to inform the client about the overall condition of the home. With this information, the client, with advice from their Realtor, can determine how to proceed. They may accept the condition of the home, negotiate for some of the repairs, negotiate the purchase price, or they may decide to withdraw the purchase offer and continue looking for a home. At Magnolia Home Inspection Services we use the following color code: Blue: inspector comments about the condition of the item inspected. These appear when there is an issue with the item. Red: inspector comments concerning safety issues for the item inspected. Black: standard TREC LIMITATIONS Home Inspection Reports can be lengthy and confusing. The report can contain anything from … Continued

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What Homeowners Should Know About Mold

October 8, 2017 | Flooded Homes

MOLD! Just hearing that word invokes fear into home owners. The greatest fear is health concerns for the family. That fear is closely followed with the fear of how much it will cost to remove it. Mold can cause not only health issues, but it can also damage the structure of the house. Not all mold is black mold. There are many varieties of mold. Analysis by a certified lab is required to detect the type of mold. In a University of Arizona study conducted in 2003, 100% of the homes tested contained some degree of mold. Mold exists literally in every house. In the Houston area, that is especially true. DON’T PANIC. Most mold can be prevented through good home maintenance and most mold can be treated relatively cheaply by homeowners. Above picture is mold on inside wall that could be treated by homeowner. Health Symptoms Mold is often … Continued

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Recovering From A Disaster

August 27, 2017 | Flooded Homes

We at Magnolia Home Inspection Services understand all too well the trials and tribulations of putting your home and life back together after a flood. In this blog, we will help protect you on your road to recovery. As always, if you have any further questions feel free to call. We are here to help answer any questions you may have. In this blog, we will explore two topics: Choosing The Right Contractor Independent Home Inspections Choosing The Right Contractor As in every business, there will be the good, the great, and those who shouldn’t even be in the business. The trick is telling them apart. The internet is not much help, even with on-line referrals and referral services. Your best source are friends you know that have had similar repairs done before. A positive referral from them could save you a ton of grief and headache. If this doesn’t … Continued

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